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“Progress in medicine starts in the lab”

“Having worked in a lab for many years, I know that scientific research has a hefty price tag.But I also know that scientific research is of vital importance. After all, progress made in fields like medicine tends to start in the lab.”

“Government funding isn’t always enough to tackle major scientific challenges. That’s why I want to do my bit and contribute to the University Fund. I really like being involved in life at and around the university in this way.
It has meant, for example, that I was invited to attend a unique nocturne edition of the Holy Books exhibition, an opportunity I was more than happy to accept!”

Mevr. Elisabeth Jansen


 “The university provides excellent guidance”

Dhr. Paul Verlodt

“Flanders is essentially counting on the ‘brains’, but it’s plain to see that not enough is being invested in scientific research.Certain experiences in my immediate environment made me want to do my bit. I have included UAntwerp in my will and this means I will be funding research into Alzheimer’s, other genetic disorders, cancer or medicines.”

“The legislation is quite complicated, but the university provides excellent guidance. The coordinator of the University Fund explained all of the options during a personal meeting. And the university even offers legal advice free of charge.
Maybe it sounds ambitious, but I hope that I can change society by supporting the university in this way.”


“University Fund offers interesting options”

“Even after graduating from the Faculty of Applied Economics, I still felt connected to the university. A few months ago I was invited to an information session about the University Fund. There I found out more about the various means of supporting the university financially.
There are a number of interesting options, including the ‘duo bequest’, which allows you to leave part of your estate to your heirs and part to the university.”

“I don’t yet know exactly what will be done with my money, but I know that education is crucial and that UAntwerp must be able to continue offering quality study programmes. After all, what I learnt during my time at the university was an enormous help during my career. I hope that my support will help the university to climb onto the next rung of the ladder.”

Dhr. Eeckhout


"Reactions to the info session on bequests"

Bea Rabe was happy she came to the University of Antwerp on Tuesday afternoon. “The whole system around inheriting and bequeathing is really complicated. At the university I received excellent advice about the various options.
I haven’t made a final decision yet, but there’s a good chance I’ll include the university in my will.
But I probably won’t nominate a specific destination for the money. I trust the university to put my money to good use.” 

“Fifty years ago I graduated from Sint-Ignatius, one of the predecessors of the University of Antwerp”, explains René Gonnissen. “I’ve been following the university closely all these years. I often come to guest lectures, I read the magazine... My wife and I are starting to look at the options for donations and bequests. We have two children, so the duo bequest does appeal to us.”