The In-Service Teacher Training Centre (Dutch: Centrum Nascholing Onderwijs, CNO) is a university centre for in-service training whose goal is to contribute to further professionalisation and quality improvement in education. Our activities are aimed at professionals from all corners of the teaching world.

CNO seeks to promote the continuous optimisation of teaching practice and educational policy by offering programmes which:

  • consolidate and extend basic knowledge and competences,
  • encourage genuine improvement and reflection,
  • promote self-regulation where possible, and
  • translate scientific and technological research into practice.

We realise the objectives described above through:

  • in-service training: individual and team-based, subject-specific, cross-curricular and policy-oriented, in schools and on location;
  • programmes: in the form of e.g. postgraduates;
  • coaching: individual or team-based; and
  • the development of subject-specific and pedagogical and didactic resources.

All of our professionalisation activities have the ultimate goal of optimising the teacher training process and creating equal educational opportunities for all pupils/students.

In realising these objectives, CNO can rely on the support of:

  • experts from the University of Antwerp and AUHA as well as other universities and university colleges, and
  • professionals from the worlds of both education and business.

CNO’s work is founded on respect for everyone’s beliefs, as described in the Declaration of Human Rights, and a recognition of the diversity of the Flemish educational landscape while taking societal needs into account.

CNO is also a learning organisation with an eye for quality assurance. We attach great importance to the creation of safe, inviting learning environments. In this way, we also stimulate innovation, growth, reflection, critical thinking and confidence. A friendly, open atmosphere underpins everything we do.

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