UAntwerp and AUHA expressly encourage competence-based learning and student-centred education. In the realisation of this educational vision, academic staff and teaching staff play a crucial role. As a result, it must be supported and stimulated by the development of sufficient educational competences among staff.

ECHO aims to foster this competence development by organising a system of educational professionalisation initiatives for academic and teaching staff that is based on a well-thought-out vision of learning and instruction. ECHO staff also ensure they themselves remain up-to-date on relevant educational literature and carry out applied educational research that supports the professionalisation objective.

ECHO’s activities therefore fall into two main areas:

1. Professionalisation of teaching staff

2. Carrying out applied educational research and playing an active role in relevant external networks

To give shape to these activities, ECHO has developed a structured system of educational training programmes and courses for academic/teaching staff. In addition, ECHO also organises afternoon and lunchtime sessions as well tailor-made courses in order to raise awareness of relevant developments in education among the academic community. The expertise pooled in ECHO – and in our internal and external partners – can also lend support to initiatives related to educational innovation. In this, ECHO can rely upon the educational expertise amassed at the university and in the university colleges.

ECHO ensures it remains up-to-date on relevant educational literature and carries out educational research. Research results generated in-house serve as starting points for improving the professionalisation activities on offer. ECHO also participates actively in both national and international networks.