The Teacher Education

The primary aim of the teacher education is to prepare students for teaching careers in secondary education. The reference framework for the programme is the government’s official position profile for teachers and the basic competences it includes. The teacher education consists of 60 credits – a theoretical component worth 30 credits and a practical component worth another 30 credits – and leads to a degree-level teaching qualification.

This teaching qualification is required to obtain permanent appointment and a full salary as a secondary school teacher. It is recommended for all those hoping to begin a tutoring or lecturing career in higher education and adult education, but also for those interested in teaching business courses and corporate training.

The objectives and learning outcomes of the teacher education are derived from the government’s official position profile for secondary school teachers and the basic competences it includes. These basic competences describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes that a newly qualified teacher must possess in order to be able to fulfil their role effectively. The basic competences allow newly qualified teachers to develop towards the full position profile.

The teacher education is characterised by two pairs of concepts:

subject-specific/didactic and educational
practice-oriented and academic

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