Zambian Week

What can we learn about living and teaching in an African country, specifically Zambia? How is distance learning organized there in these corona times? And what role does tribal life play in this context? You will soon be able to learn a lot about that.

In 2019, the Antwerp School of Education signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kwame Nkrumah University (Zambia) to enable initiatives for research and educational exchange within teacher education. Since then, the partners have successfully secured EU and VVOB funding for the exchange of students and staff. This should enable them to jointly address 21st century challenges and opportunities in terms of multiperspectivity and multiculturalism. An annual immersion trip to Zambia has so far been the most obvious concretization of the shared internationalization strategy.

Thanks to the initiative of UAntwerpen's International Cooperation Department, we can now also present an exciting range of online guest lectures. Themes are:

  • linguistic variation in Sub-Saharan Africa,
  • the effects of the corona pandemic on distance education at Kwame Nkrumah University,
  • the Toka Leya people,
  • climate change in Zambia,
  • but also the teaching of the French language in the case of the Luanshya Boys Secondary School,
  • as well as, of course, a general look at Zambia.

We cordially invite you to one or more of these online guest lectures by our partners at Kwame Nkrumah University. The lectures will be given in English.



sat. 8 May 2021     9u-10u
Mr. Cephas Maalila Malimba
Language variations in Sub-Sahara Africa and the Role of Indigenous Languages
exclusively reserved for students and staff members of the Academic Teacher Training Program
sat. 8 May 2021  10u-11u
Mr. Joseph Mate
The Toka Leya people of southern Zambia: a contemporary narrative of their folklore
exclusively reserved for students and staff members of the Academic Teacher Training Program
wed. 12 May 2021  13u-14u                                                        
Background of Zambia and its potential for tourism
wed. 12 May 202114u-15u
Mrs. Bwalya MikalaClimate Change in Zambia
sat. 15 May  20219u-10u
Mr. Cephas Maalila MalimbaThe effects of the Coronavirus pandemic towards the delivery of Open Distance Learning Programs in Zambia: The Case of Kwame Nkrumah University
sat. 15 May 202110u-11u
Mr. Augustine LumwangaContextualisation of Learning French in the Zambian Situation:A Case Study of Luanshya Boys Secondary School, Zambia