The Product Development programme is looking for internship placements

Find out how you can contribute to the education of our enthusiastic product developers. 

Students on the Product Development programme swiftly find their way into the labour market after their studies. This is mainly because the programme works hard to set up good contacts with industry. During their studies, students quickly get to work on real projects. For example, their Bachelor and Master dissertations are written in collaboration with external partners. (The brochure of last year’s Master dissertations can be found on the right hand side of this page)

Starting next academic year, the programme aims to focus on this aspect even further. For students in the first year of the Master programme, an internship of 10 weeks will become a fixture of the normal study package. That’s why the University of Antwerp’s Faculty of Design Sciences is now looking for internship places.

Don’t forget to fill in the registration form if you are interested in offering an internship place or if you would like further information.

Please contact Frank Goethijn with any questions or suggestions.




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