Mathematics bridging course
A mathematics bridging course is organised before the start of the academic year for students aspiring to entering the Bachelor programme in product development. This course gives you the opportunity to refresh your basic knowledge of secondary school maths, fill any gaps and see how you score in terms of prior knowledge compared with your fellow students. This will ensure that you are better prepared for the model pathway of your first Bachelor year. Enrolment for this bridging course is optional and free of charge.

Contact lecturer Werner Coppieters (werner.coppieters@uantwerpen.be) for further information.

Brushing up on your maths and chemistry
Mathematics and chemistry are major subjects in the conservation-restoration programme. We organise a free, optional course in September for new students so they can brush up on these subjects. The lecturer organising the course is Olivier Schalm (olivier.schalm@uantwerpen.be).

Study programme counselling

You can contact the faculty study programme counsellor with a number of questions: sabine.declercq@uantwerpen.be If she cannot help you, you will be referred to the right person or organisation.

  • Composition of the study programme/admission requirements: for all questions about EVK/EVC exemptions, studying with an exam contract, concordances, course sequence prerequisites, part-time studies, etc.
  • Study counselling: for all questions about your study methods/planning, avoidance behaviour/procrastination and other difficulties that prevent you from studying.
  • Reorientation/doubts: in case of doubts about your choice or if you wish to switch programmes.
  • Information about the learning account and the study and exam rules.
  • Advice about study progress decisions.


The faculty ombudsperson (Study and exam rules Art 12.2) serves as a contact and mediator in case of disputes between students and one or more members of staff. The disputes relate to the application of the study and exam rules. A list of your faculty’s ombudspersons can be obtained from the faculty helpdesk.

Special facilities

Students with exceptional individual circumstances can request special facilities (including extensions) from the central Study Advice and Student Counselling Service. Guidance is provided to:

Working and studying

Students who wish to combine their studies with work can contact the University of Antwerp’s Centrum WeST. You can obtain information about enrolling as an employed student and the associated facilities on this web page.

Design Sciences helpdesk

The faculty's helpdesk lists several FAQs which may help you with questions about your studies in the Faculty of Design Sciences.