Francqui Chair Jan De Maeseneer

"Primary Health Care at the Crossroads in Service Delivery, Research and Policy Development." That is the title of the lecture series given at the University of Antwerp by Prof Jan De Maeseneer, chairman of the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care at Ghent University from 26 February until 2 April 2015. These lessons took place in the context of the Belgian Francqui Chair 2014-2015, designated to Prof de Maeseneer by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences upon the recommendation of Prof Paul Van Royen, the faculty's Dean. All lectures aimed at a broad public. Accreditation ('general medicine' - section 1) was granted for the inaugural lecture and for the complete lecture series.

Prof De Maeseneer's approach, introducing guest lectures by top professionals in the domain of primary health care, gave a new dimension to the Francqui Chair. The Faculty thanks Jan De Maeseneer for his enthusing, highly professional and innovative lectures.


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