Applied Engineering

Testimonials of international guest lecturers

Prof. Ing. Szymański - Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom (Poland)

On November 26, 2019, Prof. Ing. Szymański of the University of Radom (Poland) gave a guest lecture entitled "Effective mitigation methods of inverter's common mode voltage leakage current in drive applications".  Prof. Szymański, assisted by doctoral student Marta Zurek-Mortka, gave a clear picture of the problem, his research and its results.

Dimitrios Katsaprakakis - Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Hellenic Mediterranean University (Crete - Greece)

In the week of February 24 2020, our faculty welcomed the Greek professor Dimitrios Katsaprakakis. He is working at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Hellenic Mediterranean University, Crete.
The professor is specialized on “smart grids”. He is doing research in the Wind Energy and Power Plants Synthesis Laboratory. He is writing a book for Taylor & Francis entitled "Power Plants Synthesis". Dimitrios gave a guest lecture in the course “Sustainable electricity” (Raf Catthoor and Ivan Verhaert). This is a master course for our students of Electromechanical Engineering. In his lessons, the state of the art of smart grids in Crete and in Europe was discussed. He taught our students what is the “duck curve”.
Unfortunately, the weather was very cold and rainy that week. But Dimitrios had a few nice moments in Antwerp,  e.g. while visiting the MAS and the Chocolate museum.

Raf Catthoor