Our staff abroad

In addition to intensive cooperation with foreign partners in the field of research, internationalisation is also a matter of education. Our teacher mobility is a fixed value. We often teach at foreign universities with which the faculty also has an agreement for student exchange within or outside Europe.

Erwin Smet: Teach a lesson abroad!

Sharing experience with colleagues in another European university stimulating work, we all know that.  Making time for it is not always obvious, but it certainly pays off.  As a quality assurance lecturer Erwin Smet tries out new teaching materials every year as part of a lecturer mobility.  In this way he can discuss new topics, a different didactic approach, deepen certain aspects, etc. with foreign colleagues, work them out and try them out directly in a guest lesson.  In the more than twenty years that Erwin Smet has been giving guest lectures abroad, he has tried to link these as much as possible to participation in a conference.  The pictures below were taken in Poland (Radom, Zakopane) and Bulgaria (Ruse).


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