Over the years, the Faculty of Business and Economics has supplied the labour market with a huge number of graduates. The faculty likes to keep in touch with these former students and has introduced a range of initiatives with the aim of enhancing its relationship with graduates.

The faculty has its own alumni association, Alechia, which stands for Alumni Economie en Handelsingenieur Antwerpen (Alumni of Economics and Business Engineering in Antwerp). This association was founded as a common initiative of NSK alumni and Wikings alumni.
Alechia strives to enhance the student-friendly and education-driven character of the University of Antwerp in general and especially of the Faculty of Business and Economics. In this way, it wishes to contribute to the positive image of the faculty and to the University of Antwerp's further development. In addition, it aims to foster solidarity and friendships among its members by spreading information and organising events. As a result, Alechia is about enhancing cooperation not just between the faculty and the university, but also between its members.
Business Update Sessions
The faculty also organises Business Update Sessions on a regular basis, which welcome all Business and Economics graduates back to their desks, so to speak.
Each evening aims to keep you informed about a current topic or trend from the corporate world.
It's not an endless slideshow but an interactive presentation with room for questions and discussion. We finish - just like the old days - with a refreshing pint in the Agora Cafe. The sessions are organised by the Faculty of Business and Economics and Alechia and are free of charge for all Business and Economics graduates.

The University of Antwerp's Alumni Office
also has a well-developed alumni programme. In fact, our university's Alumni Office has become a fully-fledged instrument for strengthening the ties both between the university and its alumni and between alumni themselves.
The aim is to keep graduates informed, provide services and bring people together. The University of Antwerp would like to be more than just a memory for its alumni. Instead, it aims to be a place that alumni can return to, come 'home' to for training, networking and social activities.

 In practice, this means organising social activities, such as debates and lectures, and offering various services that will assist our alumni in their professional careers. We also update the alumni database every day in order to facilitate contact with alumni.
A whole series of activities is offered every year and all of these activities and services are both exclusive and free of charge for our graduates. All faculties are closely involved in the run-up to these activities.