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Business update session - 6 October 2022

The past years, it seems we've gone from one crisis to the other: from the Covid-19 pandemic, to extreme weather conditions and subsequent floods, to the war in Ukraine. Or even a fire in our very own buildings... And those crises probably won’t be the last ones we will have to face either. Hence, a strong crisis management is becoming increasingly important. 

Prof. Dr. Hugo Marynissen, Bert Brugghemans and Stijn Pieters recently published a book where they debunk 10 myths about crisis management. In ‘Alles is onder controle’ (or ‘Everything is under control’), they interviewed 15 business leaders of both small organizations and multinationals. During this Business Update session we invite the authors and and Bart Bruelemans (Chief Resilience Officer, Stad Antwerpen) to discuss how good crisis management is actually just good management, both on a federal, organizational and operational level. At the end of the session 5 lucky attendees will win a copy of the book. 


  • 19.00h - 19.15h: welcome
  • 19.15h – 20.15h: introductory keynote & panel discussion by Prof. Dr. Hugo Marynissen (Professor, UAntwerpen & AMS), Stijn Pieters (Managing Partner, Risk Crisis Change), Bert Brugghemans (CEO, Brandweer Zone Antwerpen) and Bart Bruelemans (Chief Resilience Officer, Stad Antwerpen)
  • 20.15h – 20.30h: closing remarks by Prof. Dr. Koen Vandenbempt (Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics)
  • 20.30h – 22.00h: network reception

Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Hugo Marynissen

Hugo Marynissen is a Belgian expert in crisis governance, senior partner at PM•Risk Crisis Change, postdoc researcher at UAntwerp and professor at Antwerp Management School. In addition, he is president of the CIP Institute, an organization that brings together scientists and practitioners in an innovative platform to exchange knowledge about the Complex and Interactive Processes (CIP) in the field of crisis. In 2020, he was appointed to the Special Parliamentary Commission investigating the COVID-19 approach in Belgium.

Bert Brugghemans

Bert is leading the Antwerp Fire Service as commandant. As an experienced entrepreneurial leader, CEO, TEDx speaker and board member active in public safety and crisis management, he is working, researching, writing, and thinking on resilience, chaos and complexity, and crisis. He is very actively involved in safe and smart cities, continuous societies, and resilient industries and ports. In short, Bert thrives in crisis! 

Stijn Pieters

Stijn Pieters is co-founder and managing partner of PM • Risk Crisis Change. As an advisor to private, non profit and public organisations he draws knowledge and wisdom from different domains such as crisis management (his favourite) but also performance, risk, change management and paradoxical leadership. Stijn has a background in crisis communications, strategic communications and web development. Additionally, Stijn is co-founder of the CIP Institute, a collaboration platform that advocates research and development in the field of risk & crisis management. He is an active member of the Federal Belgian Crisis Communications Response Team.

Bart Bruelemans

Bart is an alumnus in Business Engeering at the Faculty of Business and Economics. Since 2005, he has been working for the City of Antwerp as Chief Resilience Officer, specializing in risk identification and risk analysis. Besides that, he has been actively involved as a volunteer in event safety for over 20 years. Together with Bert, he is the co-author of the book 'Help! Een crisis'. 


  • This event is free for students, alumni and professionals, but registration is required.
  • Stadscampus, Aula Rector Dhanis 
  • Kleine Kauwenberg, 2000 Antwerpen
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