Seeds for the Future - Huawei

Project background

It is expected that te shortage of qualified employees in the ICT industry will increase exponentially in Belgium in the coming years. To ensure Belgium remains one of Europe's most digitalized countries, the Belgian governments are putting more and more effort to encourage digital entrepreneurship and reduce the shortage of skills. The Belgian federal government had therefore released the Digital Agenda for Belgium, with raising ICT skills and ICT confidence as one of the key pillars of the strategic plan. The main objectives are to increase ICT study inflow and the increase the participation of ICT companies in education.

Through the Seeds for the Future project, Huawei increases its visibility towards the Belgian government, by showing Huawei's dedication and contribution to the Digital Agenda of Belgium and the Belgian governments' strive to promote STEM education, ICT confidence of the Belgian youth and talent development. In previous years, the program received great support from Belgian university partners. In 2018, Huawei seeks to further strenghten these relations and leverage opportunities for young ICT talents.

Great learning experience

In 2017, students Jeroen Faes and Loïc Fortems participated in the Seeds for the Future programme of Huawei. The programmme consisted of two weeks: the first week, the students followed a Chinese language course at the Beijing Language University, where mainly the understanding as well as speaking of Chinese was discussed.

During the second week, the focus shifted to the technical aspect of the training. The students were given a number of technology-related lessons. Although these lessons go deeper into the technological subject than what the students are used to, these courses were achievable.

It was certainly a great learning experience. The added value already started with the strict selection process. In addition, the well-filled programme in China, in a very intercultural environment with students from different countries, is a real highlight in the study career.

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