Selected new research projects

Department of Accountancy and finance

  • Capital market effects of information dissemination on social media - Principal investigators: Kris Hardies, Wannes Heirman
  • Dividend policy: a long term investigation - Principal investigators: Marc Deloof, Jan Annaert. Fellow: Leentje Moortgat
  • Impression management in performance commentary in annual results press releases of listed companies and institutional context - Principal investigator: Walter Aerts

Department of Economics

  • Cooperative real options games in environmental economics - Principal investigators: Peter Kort, Steven Van Passel. Fellow: Hans Cools 
  • The economics of balancing mechanisms in electricity markets - Principal investigator: Jan Bouckaert. Fellow: Geert Van Moer

Department of Engineering Management

  • Economic assessment of demand response programs: a behavioural approach - Principal investigator: Steven Van Passel. Fellow: Aman Srivastava

Department of Management

  • Cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease: motoric, cognitive and linguistic aspects of sentence production - Principal investigators: Mariëlle Leijten, Sven De Maeyer. Fellow: Catherine Meulemans 

Department of Marketing

  • Communicating about co-creation with multiple stakeholders: the role of the stakeholders' network and the impact on consumer adoption - Principal investigators: Annouk Lievens, Nathalie Dens 
  • Consumers' responses to advertising in social network games - Principal investigators: Patrick De Pelsmacker, Nathalie Dens. Fellow: Shana Verberckmoes 

Department of Transport and Regional Economics

  • Co-operation cost impacts at seaport container terminals - Principal investigator: Thierry Vanelslander
  • Oil spill response information collection - Principal investigators: Thierry Vanelslander, Christa Sys