Application form exemptions

General information

If you have already followed a programme in higher education and obtained credits, you are eligible to apply for exemptions.

A request for exemptions means that you submit a substantiated file to prove you already mastered the course objectives of one or more courses. It is up to the student to prove this.

Exemptions of one or more courses means you do not have to take on this course to be able to get your diploma/certificate. If you are exempt from a course you will not receive a grade or credit for this course. Students who are exempt for more than half of the study points of a programme cannot be assigned a degree of merit.

At the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty Enrolment Board (CBI in Dutch) is authorized to decide on exemptions.

The Education and Examination Regulations apply for all our students.

Composition file‚Äč

Submitting your application is done via this form, supplemented by a number of appendices. A complete application includes:

All appendices must be in English. Foreign-language credit certificates and course contents are not accepted, the student must then request an English version from the institution.


  • You are only allowed to submit one file per programme per academic year. Please think carefully about the exemptions you wish to ask for. Read all course descriptions of your future programme and decide which course(s) of your study past could be equivalent to the courses in this programme.
  • No partial exemptions are given.
  • Those who do not have a master’s degree or credits obtained in a master, cannot request exemptions in a master programme.
  • Only timely submitted and complete files will be examined. Supplements that are sent later (e.g. because of credit certificates that were not requested/received in time) will not be examined.


October 1st. Submit your application before September 6th to get an answer before the start of the academic year.

For enrolments in the second semester (only requests concerning courses of second semester): February 12th. After this date, no more applications can be made.

Please take into account that the processing time of applications can be up to four weeks.