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Application form changes in study programme for the second semester

General information

This form should be used when you would like to make changes to your study programme of the second semester.

At the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty Enrolment Board (CBI in Dutch) is authorized to decide on changes in study programmes concerning semester 2.

A change will only be considered in the following cases:

  1. A change in the time schedule made by the Faculty/University after October 1st that has affected your study programme resulting in overlap in your time schedule.
  2. Study advice, based on your first semester results, suggests that an adjustment is fundamental. Examples could be reorientation to another program within your faculty,  illness, …
  3. The description of a course was lacking at the time of registration of the study programme or the description has undergone fundamental changes since.


  1. You can only apply for changes concerning courses that belong exclusively to the second semester. Courses of the first semester or full year courses cannot be changed!
  2. Except when motivated by study advice from the Faculty Enrolment Board, changes should not affect the number of credits in your study programme.

The Education and Examination Regulations apply for all our students.


February 14th. Submit your application before February 1st to get an answer before the start of the second semester. After February 14th, no more applications can be made.

Please take into account that the processing time of applications can be up to four weeks.

Applications closed

This form is no longer available, it is not possible to submit an application at this moment.