Sustainable chemistry: a game changer?

Collen-Francqui Research Professor 2019-2022 Bert Maes

Due to the corona crisis, a new date will soon be communicated.

Rector Herman Van Goethem , Vice-rector for Research Ronny Blust and Vice-rector for Valorisation and Development Silvia Lenaerts of the University of Antwerp are pleased to invite you to Professor Bert Maes’ inaugural lecture entitled ‘Sustainable chemistry: a game changer?’ on the occasion of his appointment as Collen-Francqui Research Professor 2019-2022.

In awarding the title of Research Professor, the Francqui Foundation grants a professor or other young researcher at a Belgian university the opportunity to devote all of his or her time to research. Thanks to this fellowship and the associated research credits, Professor Bert Maes can spend the next three academic years focusing exclusively on research in the field of catalysis for sustainable organic chemistry.

Inaugural lecture

Inaugural lecture: Sustainable chemistry: a game changer?

A new date will soon be communicated


University of Antwerp  - Stadscampus – Grauwzusters Promotiezaal
Lange Sint-Annastraat 7, 2000 Antwerp

The laudation will be given by Vice-rector for Research Ronny Blust.
The lecture will be followed by a reception.