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Programme 2019

8:30 Registrations  
9:00 Introduction and Welcome Prof. Nick Schryvers
Dean - Faculty of Science
9:20 Morning Session A Chair: Fabio Bottari
9:20 Inaugural lecture 

Automatic Verification of Hardware and Software Systems

Prof. dr. Guillermo A. Perez

Antwerp Systems and Software Modelling (AnSyMo)
09:50 Lecture 

The PMF project: towards biomagnetic monitoring for source attribution of urban PM and associated early-health effects

Ana Castanheiro

Antwerp X-ray Analysis, Electrochemistry and Speciation (AXES)

Environmental Ecology  and Applied Microbiology (ENdEMIC)
10:20 Poster clips - Set 1  
10:40 Coffee break 
Poster mounting
11:10 Morning Session B Chair: Jana Goyens
11:10 Inaugural lecture 

Tomography from limited data

Prof. dr. Jan De Beenhouwer

Vision Lab
11:40 Lecture

The climate change buffer on land

Dr. Sara Vicca

Plants and Ecosystems (PLECO) - Ecology in a time of change
12:10 Poster clips - Set 2  
12:30 Lunch 
Poster viewing
14:00 Afternoon Session A Chair: Annick De Backer
14:00 Inaugural lecture 

What genome sequences can tell us about evolution

Prof. dr. Hannes Svardal 

Systemic Physiological and Ecotoxicological Research (SPHERE)
14:30 Lecture

Heat-induced transformations of nanoparticles studied in situ in 3D using electron tomography

Dr. Wiebke Albrecht 

Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (EMAT)
15:00 Afternoon tea
Poster voting
15:30 Afternoon Session B Chair: Sam Pinxteren
15:30 Inaugural lecture

Low-Power Wireless Networks

Prof. dr. Jeroen Famaey

Internet Data Lab (IDLab)
16:00 Lecture

Colonization of bacterial leaf communities

Dr. Wenke Smets

Environmental Ecology  and Applied Microbiology (ENdEMIC)
16:30 Closing Remarks Prof. Nick Schryvers
Dean - Faculty of Science
16:40 Closing drink - Best Poster Award 
Entrance hall, Building T

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