Department of Communication Studies – Mission Statement and Research Focus

The department of Communication Studies provides academic education and conducts fundamental, applied and policy-oriented research into media and communication processes in all their facets. The department’s staff and researchers conduct both qualitative and quantitative research to obtain a better understanding of communication processes at different levels such as individuals, groups and organizations. A broad range of media are investigated, all analysed within a broad cultural, economical, technological and political context.

Taken together, research at the department presents a holistic analysis of the diverse forms of communication in a contemporary mediatised society. Two key ideas drive the research. First, the need to critically assess the social relevance and impact of media and communication processes. Second, the need to study the impact of digitisation and convergence on media and communication processes and society as a whole.

Researchers within the department of Communication Studies have developed a solid basis of fundamental and applied research supported by scientific, governmental and private funds. Their research is characterized by a multi-method approach, interdisciplinary collaborations and an international orientation, and is organized in four complementary research units.: