Department of Training and Education Sciences

The department of Training and Education Sciences is committed to provide academic education and to conduct fundamental, applied and policy-oriented research to understand the effects of educational processes and the mechanisms behind these effects. The department’s staff and researchers conduct qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method research in order to obtain a better understanding of educational processes at a variety of educational levels (ranging from primary education, through secondary to higher education and adult education).

The research is characterized by a multi-disciplinary approach, with  interdisciplinary collaborations and an international orientation, and is organized in six thematic research spearheads:

The various members of the department possess a wide range of methodological expertise. A major point of departure in this respect is undertaking ‘targeted’ research in which a combination of different types of qualitative and quantitative research methods is applied to specific problems.

More information can be found on the website of the research group Edubron that operates within the department.