Department of Sociology – Mission Statement and Research Focus

The Department of Sociology was created in 2004 when the UIA's and the UFSIA's Departments of Sociology merged to become one. These two departments, which were initially small and easily manageable, gradually evolved into the current, fairly large department, which now has more than 80 members, and several research groups. This growth was not planned - it was largely the result of initiatives by research leaders and research groups. Yet the research conducted in the department forms a rather consistent and coherent whole:

Most of it has a shared focus on social problems and social policy, albeit in different, well-defined research areas each time. This was the case during the early years of sociological research at the UIA and the UFSIA and our department is pleased to continue along these lines. It is therefore possible to speak of an Antwerp tradition of sociological research, characterised by high social relevance and commitment to social policy.