European Master in Comparative Vertebrate Morphology (EUCOMOR)

This programme will be discontinued as from 2019-2020. Therefore there will be no new student intakes in 2018 and 2019. The programme ran for seven years since 2012-2013.

The Department of Veterinary Sciences in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences received European recognition and funding as an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course provider for the European Master programme in Comparative Morphology, together with four partners in Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland.
The need for such a specialised international programme has been highlighted in recent years by the increasing pressure being placed on animal use in research and by the progress being made in in vivo molecular imaging.


The international Master in Comparative Vertebrate Morphology is run by five European institutions and also receives support from various associated partners:

  • the University of Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen (Germany)
  • Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien (Austria)
  • Poznan University of Life Sciences (Poland)
  • Universita degli Studi Napoli Federico II (Italy)

Mobility tracks

The programme is structured in modules: after following the basic programme at the university of your choice, you can choose from a range of modules and study pathways. Depending on your choice, you may then take courses at another university. In addition to the student mobility aspect, the programme also makes use of innovative teaching methods such as group work and e-lectures. In that sense, the programme reflects the European or global professional context in which you will subsequently go on to work as a researcher or adviser.

Professional prospectives

As a graduate, your analysis, interpretation and decision-making skills will allow you to advise on the use of animals for biomedical research, especially in the field of the comparative vertebrate morphology, and on alternative, non-animal techniques.


The Erasmus Mundus funding means that both European and non-European students will be eligible for a scholarship for the duration of the programme, which should cover enrolment fees, the cost of living and (in some cases) transport.
You can read more information about the programme on the programme information sheets and at the website of EUCOMOR.


Prof. Chris Van Ginneken
Programme Coordinator
Campus Drie Eiken, Building U
Room 015
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk
Tel. +32 (0)03 265 24 35
Fax +32 (0)03 265 24 33