Facts & figures

Sometimes numbers say more than words… Here's a glance at some interesting figures from recent years.

The faculty offers 21 programmes in four fields of study: 7 programmes in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10 in Biomedical Sciences, 2 in Biochemistry and Biotechnology and 1 in Veterinary Sciences. The faculty also runs a European Master in Comparative Vertebrate Morphology.
Student numbers have been on the rise for several years now. 1,939 students enrolled for this academic year: 1,321 Bachelor students, 365 Master students, 35 students for continuing learning and 191 PhD students. The remainder are exchange students.  This amounts to a 50% increase in just five years' time!
Last year, 350 diplomas were awarded: 189 Bachelor diplomas, 117 Masters, 11 Advanced Masters and 33 PhDs.
The faculty has 25 research units in three departments, including one interdepartmental research unit. The Departments of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences have 8, 15 and 3 research units respectively.
The faculty employs 377 staff members, including 256 academic personnel and 121 administrative and technical personnel.