Institute of Development Policy


Southern partner: University of Cuenca

The collaboration between IOB and the University of Cuenca started in 2009, within the framework of a broader VLIR-project which focussed inter alia on ‘International Migration and Local Development'. IOB closely collaborates with the ‘Observatory of Human Mobilityof Ecuador’ which arose out of the cooperation between the University of Cuenca and the Vice Ministry of Human Mobility. In this ‘Observatory’, professionals from different disciplines are involved. The broader environment of Cuenca and Ecuador, with a high number of incoming as well as outgoing migrants, provides an ideal setting for students as well as researchers working on migration-related topics.

Goals of the collaboration

The goal is to have a North-South research collaboration, focused on migration-related topics through student mobility and capacity building.


This cooperation ensures student mobility for dissertation fieldwork. Each year, an IOB student gets the opportunity to carry out fieldwork at the University of Cuenca for his/her dissertation. The research topic should be related to migration and within the broader agenda of activities at the ‘Observatory’. This way, IOB provides research assistance to the southern partner. Ideally, this collaboration would result in joint publications.