Institute of Development Policy


Southern Partner: Mzumbe University

Mzumbe University is a leading African university which has its main rural campus in Morogoro and urban campuses in Dar Es Salaam and Mbeya. In terms of teaching, research and outreach, the agendas of  Mzumbe University and IOB greatly overlap. In addition, Mzumbe University is currently elaborating its own Master program in Development Evaluation.  

Goals of the Going Global initiative

The general aim of the ‘Going Global’ initiative is to intensify collaboration with IOB’s South partner to further increase internationalisation of the IOB Master programmes. The Master in Development Evaluation and Management identified two partners, Mzumbe University (Tanzania) and UCA (Nicaragua).
IOB together with its Tanzanian partner, Mzumbe university, jointly identified the following long terms goals.

  1. Increase staff mobility between Mzumbe University and IOB
  2. Increase student mobility between Mzumbe University and IOB
  3. Develop a joint teaching module
  4. Facilitate interaction and knowledge exchange between evaluation demand and supply actors through synergy platform

Current and future activities

Staff mobility

In the short term the envisaged staff mobility of Mzumbe staff to IOB entails capacity building through attendance of courses within the IOB Development Evaluation and Management (DEM) master programme. In mid-term, Mzumbe staff can also provide guest lectures in the DEM master which will increase the southern perspective of the programme.

The envisaged staff mobility of IOB staff to Mzumbe encompasses guest lectures and workshops. More generally, the going global initiative will also provide IOB and Mzumbe staff opportunities for discussions and exchange of course and reading materials which may benefit the curriculum development of Mzumbe’s Master in Development Evaluation and IOB’s Master in Development Evaluation and Management.

Student mobility

1. Mobility window:

The mobility window is a six-week research internship for IOB students at Mzumbe University. During this internship IOB students are ideally teamed up with a Tanzanian junior researcher/student in order to conduct demand-driven research. This implies that the topic, research activities, methodology and expected outputs are defined by the southern partner.

2. Dissertation mobility

The dissertation mobility refers to a research stay of about two months (June-July) during which IOB students can do dissertation research in Mzumbe University. The topic of the dissertation is the result of a matching process of demand, i.e. topics proposed by Mzumbe staff, and supply, i.e. topics proposed by IOB students/staff.

3. Dissertation mobility in the synergy platform

Both IOB and Mzumbe University students can do research in collaboration with Tanzania-based development partners. The topics are proposed by the development partners so that the conducted dissertation research is fully demand-driven.

Development of joint teaching module

In medium  term IOB and Mzumbe University will explore ways in which to offer part of the Mzumbe Master in Development Evaluation as a joint module for students enrolled in the IOB Master in Development Evaluation and Management. Similarly, the partners will explore the possibilities for Mzumbe students to attend teaching modules at IOB.

In the long term, the partners will explore the option to offer a joint master program in development evaluation.

Synergy platform

A platform will be launched to facilitate interaction, knowledge exchange and collaboration between Tanzania-based development actors and IOB-UAntwerp and Mzumbe University alumni, students and staff doing research and evaluative activities. Network activities, workshops and demand-driven evaluative activities will be conducted within the framework of the synergy platform in order to strengthen the education-research-outreach nexus and to contribute to closing the evaluation gap. IOB considers the bridging of demand and supply actors crucial in increasing the responsiveness and use of research outputs, the relevance of its education content  and the employability of students.

History of collaboration

The cooperation between IOB and Mzumbe University traces back to 2012, when both academic institutes  started their cooperation within the framework of the Institutional University Cooperation programme funded by the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR). Throughout the years, this cooperation has resulted in the development of strong personal networks , links with Belgian actors of development cooperation and different ministries and great familiarity with VLIR-UOS rules and activities.