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An e-learning framework is set up to support the learning process of participants. Access to the e-portfolio is granted upon admission into the summer school. 

This information allows the organizers of the summer school to adapt the programme to the needs of the participants. 

The e-portfolio will furthermore be completed with all course materials, assignments, papers, some of the taped lectures, and videos of the participants’ presentations. This will allow the monitoring of the progress of each participant. 

After the programme additional materials can be uploaded, and information can be exchanged among participants and lecturers.

The e-component allows the programme to have a process-approach to learning, starting before and lasting beyond the actual programme. Given that the network objective remains crucial, the e-learning environment can serve as the platform to nourish the network with relevant information. The set-up of the e-portfolio also aims at connecting the first cohort of participants (2012) with the second (2013) and third (2014) cohorts, as well as give access to all information in the subsequent IPs.