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Meet the programme organizers


Nadia Molenaers, lecturer at the IOB and coordinator of the research line "Conditional Finance for Development". She is a political scientist whose research interests relate to the rationale of the new aid architecture, the political economy of donor agencies, the role of civil society in aid, governance and political reform in recipient countries, the politics of budget support.


Geske Dijkstra is Professor of Governance and Global Development in the Programme of Public Administration the Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands). She combines research and teaching with carrying out studies and consultancies for organizations involved in development cooperation, such as the World Bank, the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her research interests evolve around issues of economic development, focusing in particular on aid effectiveness, political economy of aid, impact of economic liberalization, debt issues, and gender equality.

Eugenio Sanchez Alcazar is  profesor at the Universidad de Murcia, in Spain. He teaches among other things on aid effectiveness. He is also linked to the Instituto Universitario de Desarrollo y Cooperación  of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is a member of various institutions and committees related to aid and aid effectiveness, among which AECI  (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional ) and acción contra la hambre


Jonathan Fisher is post doctoral fellow at the international Development Department of the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom).He does research on the relationship between Western aid donors and developing states. Within this he is particularly interested in how donors ‘construct’ perceptions of foreign governments and key concepts (e.g. ‘fragile state’) in international development.


Sergio Tezanos Vázquez is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics of the University of Cantabria (Spain). He is an expert in statistical social research (University Complutense of Madrid) and has taken part in several research projects on development studies, international co-operation and migration. Sergio is the President of the Spanish Network of Development Studies (REEDES) and Deputy Director of the Iberoamerican Research Office in International Development & Co-operation. Sergio’s main contributions in the course will be on the political economy of aid.


Mario Biggeri is Associate Professor in Development Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Florence, Italy. His research interests include among others international aid, rural development, and economies of transition, Chinese and South Asian Development. He has worked among others for UNICEF (IRC), for the ILO/UNICEF/World Bank and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He coordinates several research projects financed by the EU and by the Tuscany Region.


Iacopo Viciani is a visiting professor at the University of Florence. He teaches on the management of ODA in OECD and on emerging donors. He also works at the Italian Ministery of International Cooperation, where he deals with and informs the Italian official position towards DAC and EU. Previously he worked for eight year with ActionAid as a senior policy officer on ODA.