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Who can apply?

The POLEC-AID summer school wants to attract:

  • MA/PhD students and academic researchers, coming from a university setting, with a strong interest in policy relevant research and
  • policy oriented researchers (evaluators), coming from think tanks, NGOs and aid agencies, with a strong interest in broadening their theoretical and methodological horizon.

All participants must hold a MA degree in one of the social sciences (political science, economics, or sociology). 
About twenty participants can participate in the summer school.

The POLEC-AID summer school falls under the formal requirements of Erasmus Life Long Learning Programmes.

Invited MA/PhD students: The invited participants may access refunds which will cover part of the travel and accomodation costs.

Access to refunding depends on three criteria: 1) the participant is enrolled as a MA/PhD student in one of the participating unversities, 2) the participant is explicitly invited by one of the professors below (invited MA/PhD student), 3) refunding can go to maximum 18 PhD students (on average 3 MA/PhD students per participating university) 

The partner institutions are University of Antwerp (BE), Universidad de Cantabria (ES), Universidad de Murcia (ES), University of Birmingham (UK), Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL); London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK), and the University of Florence (IT). To be eligible to be selected by your university you should be enrolled in the partner university at the time of the summer school. To verify whether you could be nominated by the universities, please get in touch with the contact persons for the partner universities : 

Nadia Molenaers (BE), Sergio Tezanos Vásquez (ES), Eugenio Sánchez Alcazar  (ES)Michael Hubbard (UK), Geske Dijkstra (NL), Mario Biggeri (IT), Sue Lawrence (UK).

Other inquiries, please contact Sara Dewachter