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Going Global DR Congo

The Southern partner


Cooperation between the University of Antwerp and UCB can be traced back to 1989. Since 2011, UCB has been part of a VLIR-UOS programme designed to reinforce scientific capacities and research infrastructure in three areas that are crucial for post-conflict reconstruction: agricultural production, the mining sector, and healthcare. In all three areas, the programme strives towards the improvement of education and research through institutional strengthening of the local partner institution.

Goals of the collaboration

The ICP initiative in DRC aims to build a locally embedded teaching and research capacity in collaboration with UCB. By 2020, the objective is to have a well-functioning Master module on the Governance of Natural Resources (GNR), jointly organized by IOB and UCB, and with equal input from North- and South-based partners. In the longer term, a high-quality Advanced Master programme should encourage the development of a wider regional hub, attracting master students from East African partner universities.


Development of a  Master module on the Governance of Natural Resources (GNR):

Staff mobility: exchange between North-based researchers and South-based researchers

Student mobility: joint research/field work in the context of IOB Research Methods II course and for the IOB dissertation

Development of inter-university platform and online access to academic materials:


UCB: Kamala Kaghoma (

IOB: Marijke Verpoorten (