Institute of Development Policy

Corona in the world, the world in corona (31/03/20)

Webinar: Corona in the world, the world in corona

31 March 2020, 4-6PM (Belgium time)

What can be said about the short but spectacular world history of COVID-19 and what can we expect for the near future? Can we discern different patterns and possible determinants of its development? What possible response scenario’s exist and could work, now and in the longer term? What can we learn about the regional, national and international architecture of public health in responding to the virus? And what should we do to anticipate the next crisis?

The webinar is jointly organised by ITM and the Institute of Development Policy (IOB) of the University of Antwerp.


Willem van de Put, Medical anthropologist, ITM Antwerp

Wim Van Damme, Professor, MD, ITM Antwerp - currently in Kinshasa, DRC

Tom De Herdt, Professor, Institute of Development Policy - University of Antwerp