Reckoning with change in Central America : Nicaragua after April 2018

Central Americans live today what William Robinson has called “The second implosion” of the region. The migrant caravans of mostly Hondurans, but also Salvadoreans, heading to the US; 2018’s social uprising in Nicaragua and the State’s extremely violent response; Guatemala’s 2015 protests and todays’ political repression are expressions of that “implosion”. While a politicaleconomic analysis is fundamental to understand what occurs in the region, it is important to underline how racial, class, and gender articulations (through time and space) shape contemporary processes, particularly when thinking about change and what some call “development”. The goal of the talk is to bring to the table questions posed by indigenous, afro-descendant, and peasant women in Central America, and how they can help us think about propositions and challenges in the aftermath of Nicaragua’s April 2018’s uprising.

About the speaker

Dr Fernanda Soto, researcher for the Winds of Peace Foundation and associate researcher of the Instituto Nitlapan - Universidad Centroamericana in Nicaragua, will be staying at the University of Antwerp from 23 March to 5 April as guest lecturer in the IOB master module ‘Local Institutions and Poverty Reduction’.

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Date & location

Thursday 28 March 2019
12.00 - 13.30
University of Antwerp
Room R. 124
Rodestraat 14
2000 Antwerp