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University of Antwerp Chairs & Grants

University of Antwerp chairs are made possible by means of the support we receive from individuals, societies and companies and are often named after the donating party. A chair can take various forms. For example, the university could invite a visiting professor, organise special lectures, set up a new course or conduct research.

A chair can also be endowed to a particular member of staff, in consultation with the faculty in question. This kind of endowment is then communicated widely, both internally and externally, and is an excellent means of promoting interest in academic knowledge transfer. It also enables the University of Antwerp to attract and retain the most talented lecturers and researchers.                                   


You can find an overview of the current University of Antwerp chairs below:

Grant DSM Nutritional Products

Availability of antioxidants in the micro-environment of the oocyte and developing embryo and their subsequent impact on fertility: windows of optimization and sensitivity.
Financed by: DSM
Promotor: Prof Dr Jo Leroy, DVM, PhD
Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry; Gamete Research Centre - Department of Veterinary Sciences

Baillet Latour Chair in European Values

The chair is funded by the Baillet Latour Foundation and centres around the study of European values and the foundations of European culture. The chairholder works closely with a similar chair at the Université Catholique de Louvain, funded in parallel by the same foundation. Chairholder: Professor Noel Clycq


Baillet Latour Chair in Advanced Imaging Techniques for the Arts

This chair was awarded to Geert Van der Snickt, PhD, of the Department of Chemistry’s AXES research group, and is intended to facilitate the implementation of analytical imaging techniques in the study and conservation of cultural heritage. The inaugural lecture was held on Friday 27 February 2015.


Antwerp Liability Law and Insurance Chair (ALLIC)

The Antwerp Liability Law and Insurance Chair was inaugurated on Friday 26 September 2014. The chair was established with the support of nine companies.


Vandeputte Chair in Safety Sciences

The Vandeputte Chair in Safety Sciences was inaugurated on Wednesday 10 September 2014. This chair, the first in Antwerp to have been funded by a private individual, will provide scientific research in safety sciences with a much-needed boost. See the photos from the inauguration here.


Provincial and Local Human Resource Management Chair

The Provincial and Local Human Resource Management Chair is an initiative of the provincial government of Antwerp. The Faculty Political and Social Sciences is responsible for the realisation of the Chair. The emphasis is on research concerning divers aspects of the legal status regulation of the government worker on provincial and local government level in Flanders.

Prof. dr. Ria Janvier is the promotor of the chair. Running time: 2013 - 2016

The solemn inauguration of this Chair took place on the 14th of October 2013.


AHLEC - Antwerp Health Law and Ethics Chair

This Chair was realized with the support of different partners.

Next to companies and organizations, private persons can support AHLEC by befriending the Chair. Friends receive discount on lectures, congresses and publications and are informed about all activities. They can deposit their contribution on the account number of the University of Antwerp (BE 46 7350 0799 7636), while mentioning tax certificate (you receive this certificate for donations of €40 or more). After the deposit you send the completed form to: Tinne Marynissen - Middelheimlaan 1 - 2020 Antwerpen.


Vandenbunder Inbev-Baillet Latour in Film Studies and Visual Culture Chair 

With the support of Inbev-Baillet Latour Fund this Chair was founded to stimulate the film education and research at the University of Antwerp, within the context of research group Visual Studies and Mediaculture and the master Film Studies and Visual Culture of the department Communication Sciences (Faculty Political and Social Sciences).

The official launch of the Chair took place the 26th of February 2013.

Promotors: prof. dr. Philippe Meers and prof. dr. Luc Pauwels.
Titular for the academic year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 is prof. Ronald Geerts
Titulars for the academic year 2012-2013 are prof. dr. Roel Vande Winkel and prof. dr. Peter Kravanja.


BASF Chair in Safety Sciences

The University of Antwerp started a Master programme in Safety Sciences which combines key elements such as practical experience and input from the business community. BASF offers its support to this Master programme because the company considers safety to be an absolute priority. At the same time, BASF is also convinced that safety and sustainability are vital principles for any company which believes in corporate social responsibility.


CEPA Chair in Safety Sciences

The University of Antwerp started a Master programme in Safety Sciences which combines key elements such as practical experience and input from the business community. CEPA helps facilitate this Master programme by means of the CEPA Chair in Safety Sciences.


Antwerp Port Authority Chair in Safety Sciences

The University of Antwerp started a Master programme in Safety Sciences which combines key elements such as practical experience and input from the business community. The Antwerp Port Authority helps facilitate this Master programme by means of the Antwerp Port Authority Chair in Safety Sciences.


Mensura Chair in Safety Sciences

The University of Antwerp started a Master programme in Safety Sciences which combines key elements such as practical experience and input from the business community. Mensura helps facilitate this Master programme by means of the Mensura Chair in Safety Sciences. Mensura wishes to provide employers with simple, transparent and efficient solutions for prevention, health and safety at work. Mensura also aims to make a social contribution by helping employers to generate lasting employment and fulfil their legal obligations.


NMBS Holding Chair in Safety Sciences

The University of Antwerp started a Master programme in Safety Sciences which combines key elements such as practical experience and input from the business community. The NMBS Holding helps facilitate this Master programme by means of the NMBS Holding Chair in Safety Sciences.                                                                                              


BASF-Deloitte Sustainability Chair

This chair is a joint project of the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Applied Economics), Antwerp Management School, Deloitte Belgium and BASF Antwerpen NV. The chair's primarily objectives are to:


  • Develop ‘thought leadership' on corporate responsibility and sustainability, and thus increase visibility.
  • Develop a research programme.
  • Incorporate more insights into corporate responsibility and sustainability in the educational programmes.

Professor Rudy Martens is a member of the chair's steering committee.

The chairholder is Professor Luc Van Liedekerke.

Professor Hans Verboven is associate fellow of the chair.


BNP Paribas Fortis Chair

The chair will also help the university and the bank to act quickly and efficiently in relation to new developments in logistics and the maritime world.



Chair in Purchasing and Value Creation

Purchasing is a strategic function which has an enormous impact on business performance. For every €100 a company earns in a welfare economy, an average of  €70 is spent on external supplier invoices. This is why purchasing has become a critical issue for companies. It is the chair's ambition to ensure that research is carried out in the field of purchasing and supply management at local, regional and global levels and from a value creation perspective. VZW PASCION - a federation of top purchasing companies in Belgium which includes ASCO and Belgacom - funds the chair with a view to developing an internationally relevant competence centre for free, independent research, without losing sight of the research's relevance for Belgian/Flemish companies and institutes.

Chairholder: Professor Paul Matthyssens

Term: 1 November 2011-31 October 2015


Chair in Integrated Water Management

The chair in Integrated Water Management is organised by the university's Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development with the support of the Flemish Environment Agency. This chair focuses on the content, concepts, execution and practical applications of integrated water management and policy.

Professor Patrick Meire from the research unit Ecosystem Management is the chairholder.


Chair in Evidence-Based Vaccinology

This chair facilitates education and research on improved estimation methods in order to increase the efficacy and cost effectiveness of vaccination programmes.

Chairholder: Professor Niel Hens

Term: 2008-2014


Chair in advanced research and development in addiction medicine and psychiatry

The chair supports education and research in the broad area of addiction medicine and psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry, CAPRI.

Supervisors: Professor  Bernard Sabbe and Professor Pierre Van Damme

Term: 2009-2011


Roche Chair in Oncology

Chairholder: Professor Marc Peeters

Term: 2009-2011


Amgen Chair in Digestive Oncology

Supervisor: Professor Mark Peeters

Term: 2009-2011


CSL Behring Chair in Von Willebrand Disease

The aim of this chair is to characterise Von Willebrand Disease in Belgium using state-of-the-art laboratory techniques, analyses and molecular research and also to set up a plasma and DNA database for future research on this illness.

Chairholder: Professor Zwi Berneman

Term: 2010-2013


Chair in Educational Innovation and Cooperation

This chair allows us to invite renowned experts to lecture and host workshops on the role of education in urban contexts. Each workshop results in a publication entitled "Cahier voor onderwijsvernieuwing en samenwerking", or "Report on educational innovation and cooperation". These reports are meant as a source of ideas for people working in education.

The experts are selected by a steering committee that includes representatives of the city council, the University of Antwerp and the university college teacher training programmes.

Chairholder: Professor David Gijbels


Miguel León-Portilla Chair in Mexican Studies

Dr. Miguel León-Portilla, eminent specialist in pre-Columbian languages and culture, founded this chair in 1990.

Since then, the chair has been held by a large number of prominent experts on Mexico from all fields of science, politics, economics and culture from both Mexico and Europe. Every academic year, dozens of lectures, seminars and classes are organised

with the aim of enabling students and professors from the University of Antwerp and external individuals with an interest in the field to find out more about the Mexican reality. Chair

The Chair is organised annually in cooperation with and addresses a topical issue from the world of books.

Supervisor: Professor Pierre Delsaerdt



KBC Chair in Risk Management

Risk management is currently a hot topic in the financial sector, as evidenced by the effects of the financial crisis in recent years. New insights may lead to improved risk management in the future.

Supervisors: Jan Annaert  and Marc De Ceuster

Term: 2011-2014


UCSIA-IJS/UA Chair in Jewish-Christian relations

This chair focuses on the history of Judaism and Hebraistics from a perspective which emphasises Jewish-Christian dialogue. In this way, it situates the tradition in modern European culture and attempts to contribute to interreligious dialogue.


Herman Deleeck Chair

The Herman Deleeck Chair was founded in 2012 to mark the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy's 40th anniversary and to commemorate the death of Professor Deleeck ten years previously.

Chairholder: Frank Vandenbroucke

GlaxoSmithKline Chair in “Long-term effects of non-invasive ventilation in hypercapnic COPD patients”.

Medtronic Chair: the vulnerable cardiovascular patient

Chair supervisor: Professor Christiaan Vrints

Term: 1 July 2011-30 June 2012


Jef Van Gerwen Chair

This chair is organised by the Centre for Ethics, the Faculty of Applied Economics and UAMS. It was founded by UCSIA to commemorate the Antwerp Jesuit who pioneered business ethics in Flanders and became one of the driving forces behind UCSIA.


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