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Past University Fund Chairs

Antwerp Port Authority Chair in Safety Sciences
The University of Antwerp started a Master programme in Safety Sciences which combines key elements such as practical experience and input from the business community. The Antwerp Port Authority helps facilitate this Master programme by means of the Antwerp Port Authority Chair in Safety Sciences.
Term: 2012-31/12/2016

NMBS Holding Chair in Safety Sciences
The University of Antwerp started a Master programme in Safety Sciences which combines key elements such as practical experience and input from the business community. The NMBS Holding helps facilitate this Master programme by means of the NMBS Holding Chair in Safety Sciences.
Term: 2012-30/09/2015       

Chair on Sustainability in partnership with the Antwerp Management School, BASF NV, Deloitte Belgium and Elia System Operator NV
This chair is a joint project of the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Applied Economics), Antwerp Management School, Deloitte Belgium and BASF Antwerpen NV. The chair's primarily objectives are to:

  • Develop ‘thought leadership' on corporate responsibility and sustainability, and thus increase visibility.
  • Develop a research programme.
  • Incorporate more insights into corporate responsibility and sustainability in the educational programmes.

Professor Rudy Martens is a member of the chair's steering committee.
The chairholder is Professor Luc Van Liedekerke.
Professor Hans Verboven is associate fellow of the chair.                                                                               

Chair in Integrated Water Management
The chair in Integrated Water Management is organised by the university's Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development with the support of the Flemish Environment Agency. This chair focuses on the content, concepts, execution and practical applications of integrated water management and policy. Professor Patrick Meire from the research unit Ecosystem Management is the chairholder. Chair
The Chair is organised annually in cooperation with and addresses a topical issue from the world of books. Supervisor: Professor Pierre Delsaerdt

Acerta Chair in Social Profit
The aim of this chair was to extend education and research on the social profit sector. One of the key achievements of the chair was the founding of the Social Profit Enterprises module, which was offered to students in the Faculty of Law. Students from the Faculties of Political and Social Sciences and Applied Economic Sciences were also invited to take the course. In addition, the chair also facilitated the carrying out of scientific research on social profit.
Chairholder: Professor Anne Van Regenmortel
Term: 2009-2014

CSL Behring Chair in Von Willebrand Disease
The aim of this chair is to characterise Von Willebrand Disease in Belgium using state-of-the-art laboratory techniques, analyses and molecular research and also to set up a plasma and DNA database for future research on this illness.
Chairholder: Professor Zwi Berneman
Term: 2010-2013

Medtronic Chair
The vulnerable cardiovascular patient
Chairholder: Professor Christiaan Vrints
Term: 01/07/2011 - 30/06/2012

UNICEF Chair in Children's Rights
The aim of this interdisciplinary chair was to further disseminate the basic principles of non-discrimination, children's best interests, right to life and development, and respect for children's opinions, through education and training, research and social services.
Chairholder: Professor Wouter Vandenhole
Term: 2007-2012

Miguel León-Portilla Chair in Mexican Studies
Dr. Miguel León-Portilla, eminent specialist in pre-Columbian languages and culture, founded this chair in 1990. Since then, the chair has been held by a large number of prominent experts on Mexico from all fields of science, politics, economics and culture from both Mexico and Europe. Every academic year, dozens of lectures, seminars and classes are organised with the aim of enabling students and professors from the University of Antwerp and external individuals with an interest in the field to find out more about the Mexican reality.

Chair in advanced research and development in addiction medicine and psychiatry
The chair supports education and research in the broad area of addiction medicine and psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry, CAPRI.
Supervisors: Professor  Bernard Sabbe and Professor Pierre Van Damme
Term: 2009-2011

Roche Chair in Oncology
Chairholder: Professor Marc Peeters
Term: 2009-2011

Amgen Chair in Digestive Oncology
Chairholder: Professor Mark Peeters
Term: 2009-2011

Glaxo Smith Kline Chair
“Long-term effects of non-invasive ventilation in hypercapnic COPD patients”.
Chairholder: Wilfried De Backer
Term: 2009 - 2010


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