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Honorary degrees

Thursday, 4 April 2019 

On Thursday 4 April 2019 at 4 p.m. the University of Antwerp will formally confer its honorary degrees on four eminent scientists and Nobel Peace Prize winner 2018 Dr Denis Mukwege. The ceremony will be preceded by master classes led by the honorary doctors. 


Programme and registration


Overview honorary doctors 

  • MukwegeDr Denis Mukwege 
    Honorary degree for General Merit 
    Nobel Peace Prize winner 2018
    Laudation: Rector Herman Van Goethem

    Dr Denis Mukwege will receive an honorary degree in recognition of his expertise and accomplishments in the field of gynecology and maternal health care, and more specifically his actions with regard to sexual violence as director of the Panzi Hospital.

    Register for the master class: Conflict-related sexual violence

  • Prof Mathias Dewatripont 
    Honorary degree in Business and Economics 
    Laudation: Prof Jan Bouckaert

    ​Prof Mathias Dewatripont (Université Libre de Bruxelles and Director of the National Bank of Belgium) will receive an honorary degree in recognition of his contributions in the field of the theory of incentives and his scientifically based policy contributions to the prudential regulation of financial institutions. 

    Register for the master class: How sound are banks today?

  • Prof Heidi Larson 
    Honorary degree in Medicine and Health Sciences  
    Laudation: Prof Pierre Van Damme

    Prof Heidi Larson (London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine) in recognition of her expertise in the field of vaccine confidence and hesitancy. 

    Register for the master class: Vaccine Emotions: Why politics, beliefs and histories matter


  • Prof Jane Lubchenco 
    Honorary degree in Science
    Laudation: Prof Filip Meysman

    Prof Jane Lubchenco (Oregon State University) in recognition of her expertise in the field of marine ecology and environment science. 

    Register for the master class: How can a marine biologist influence a president?


  • Prof Xavier Maldague 
    Honorary degree in Applied Engineering
    Laudation: Prof Gunther Steenackers

    Prof Xavier Maldague (Université Laval) in recognition of his expertise in the field of infrared thermography.

    Register for the master class: Infrared Vision for Artwork and Cultural Heritage NDE Studies