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Alumna Hanan Challouki builds bridges and tears down clich├ęs

'The biggest misunderstanding is that we assume we don’t want to get to know each other.' 

In order to show Muslims in a balanced and more positive light than is often the case on the gloomy websites you find when you google the word ‘Muslim’, Communication Sciences alumna Hanan Challouki launched with Taha Riani in April of last year.

'It’s a website that young Muslims can identify with, one that aims to build bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims', she explains. The website features English-language articles on lifestyle and current events, written by an impressive 515 volunteers. After less than two years – and more than ten million unique visitors – Challouki is full of ambition: 'Eventually, I want to have correspondents from every country in the world.'

This young Muslimah did not have it easy – perhaps that’s why she is so inspiring. 'To young people who are walking a similar path and struggling because they are different – different ethnicity, different sexual preference, whatever – I would like to bring a message of hope that there will always be someone to lean on. A path that leads in the direction that you want. There is only one condition. Never give up. Never.'

Read the full (Dutch) article in the UAntwerp Magazine | December 2016