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Alumni Bart and Stijn Peeters: live life to the full

Bart Peeters is a Flemish singer, drummer, guitarist, presenter and actor. He studied Germanic Philology and Theatre Studies at our university. His brother and manager Stijn Peeters, who studied Design Sciences, started an architectural firm straight after graduating but chose to switch careers in 2012, devoting himself to managing his brother and a whole host of other Flemish artists instead.

Bart has just released a new record, Brood voor Morgenvroeg (Bread for Tomorrow Morning), and is due to start a two-year tour on 4 October 2017. His music strikes a chord with many students.

Both brothers have happy memories of their student years. Stijn remembers learning analytical thinking during his design sciences degree, and how to check things off in a logical order.

Bart says his Germanic languages programme opened his mind and helped him write better, sharper lyrics. One of his professors, philosopher of language Libert Vander Kerken, even makes an appearance in one of his songs.

Stijn originally seemed destined to become an actor, while Bart worked behind the scenes, but life had other plans in store for the brothers. The list of TV programmes that Bart has presented is endless and his musical career has also taken off.

The two brothers both try to live life to the full. They have been working together their entire professional lives – Bart performing and Stijn bringing order to the chaos. They haven’t passed their show biz genes on to their children, but the brothers think that’s probably for the best.

Read the full article (in Dutch) in the UAntwerp Magazine | September 2017