Update 4 February 2020

It’s an unusual academic year, that’s for sure. But that doesn't mean that nothing is possible. Here you’ll find general information about how things work at UAntwerp in times of coronavirus. If you’re a student, go to Blackboard for more detailed information about all of the measures.

Online education

Since Monday 30 November, some restrictions in the regulations for higher education will be eased. 

  • Practicals, skills training, design studios and labs will be allowed to take place on campus again in all programmes. See your faculty and programme pages on Blackboard. 
  • Other lessons will generally remain online, but there are a small number of exceptions. Your faculty is listing up these exceptions and will inform you on the faculty and programme pages on Blackboard. 
    • Programme components that are very difficult to organise properly online might be able to continue on campus. 
    • Some educational activities, specifically for first-year students and international students, can also be organised on campus. 
  • The current rules remain in place for all other courses, until further notice. 

Studying at the library​

If you don't have your own space to study at home, you can still go to the library. The library is also open to other UAntwerp students and staff. However, you need to make a reservation. Always check the library website for the latest updates. 

Safety on campus

The intention is to study as much as possible from home. If you do come to campus, we like to keep it safe. Take care of each other and respect these rules at all times:​

  • Keep a distance from each other (1.5 metres = 1.5 metres)
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Obligation to wear a mouth mask in the interior spaces of the campuses. Only eating / drinking is allowed without a mouth mask. Eating and drinking is done individually and at a distance of at least 1.5m (no food-sharing!)

What else, besides studying?

Student life may be a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean it has stopped completely. At www.vuas.be (info in Dutch) you can find out which virtual events the student clubs are organising.

Sport and culture
Via the UAntwerp Plus Pass, you can take part in a wide range of online group lessons.

The komida student restaurants are takeaway restaurants. You can order your lunch online or choose a take away lunch at the restaurant. 

Living together on campus
Take care of each other and stay safe. These guidelines can help.

Student activities
An overview of activities for students can be found on 'Together strong during corona'.

Need a chat?

Having a hard time, or just need a chat? There’s a wide range of support available. Contact the STIP to make an appointment with our student counsellors and psychologists. You can reach them by phone, email and chat. Your personal appointment can also take place online via video chat.

Need help with your studies? 

Your faculty’s study programme counsellor is there to help. You’ll find their contact details on the Blackboard page for your faculty.

Tips and workshops
Need tips on study skills, tackling procrastination or fear of failure? Have a look at Blackboard > Support. There you’ll find practical tips but also workshops all about studying. 

Other types of support
Under Blackboard > Support you'll find more information about all the types of support we offer. From help with study planning to practical questions about ICT, administration and student jobs.

Financial support
Are you experiencing financial difficulties because of the coronavirus measures? Contact Social Services by emailing socialedienst@uantwerpen.be and apply for an allowance.

​Borrow or rent a laptop
​Are you currently lacking enough financial resources to buy a laptop? Maybe you could consider borrowing or renting a laptop. Read more on Blackboard.​

Students abroad

For all students who are on exchange this semester, the frequently asked questions have been brought together. You'll find them here on Blackboard. 

Any questions? Contact outgoingstudents@uantwerpen.be 

Travelling to Belgium

Read all the guidelines and information for international students and staff.

Going to UAntwerp in times of corona

What should you do on campus and nearby?