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Herman Van Goethem starts as new rector

Herman Van Goethem
Historian Prof Herman Van Goethem starts as new head of the University of Antwerp on 1 October 2016.

Professor Herman Van Goethem, lawyer and historian, won against Prof Johan Meeusen during the second round of elections. “UAntwerp must become the mainstay of the region, driving progress both at home and internationally”, the brand-new rector-elect declared.

Herman Van Goethem intends to fulfil public role
In an introductory interview, Prof Herman Van Goethem sets out his vision and plans. What does he want to be remembered for in 2020? “More money for teaching and research, more students in higher education – with improved success rates for students from disadvantaged groups – and a place on the map for our university as a centre of expertise and laboratory for the metropolis in the 21st century.”

UAntwerp is financially sound, emphasises the rector, but we seem to secure less funding than other universities from European institutions and the commercial sector. “We can and must do something about that”, he says. “We should work together more, especially with Antwerp’s university colleges, and expand our network in politics, in the city and in the commercial sector.”

Van Goethem is poised to step into his role as the figurehead of our university. “The university is a sort of think tank, one that should help create public support for essential policies. I want to fulfil a public role. And everyone is welcome to challenge me in it.” Read the full interview (Dutch) in the UAntwerp Magazine of September 2016 

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