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Crisisupdate - Social media threat

26 November 2019

The examining magistrate has decided to release the 18-year-old suspect after an extensive interrogation. The judicial investigation is being continued.

To date, the investigation shows no indications of a concrete threat.

The classes and activities will be resumed today as planned.

We will keep a close track of developments.

If you have any questions, you can call the crisis communication number of the University of Antwerp: 03 265 54 54.

25 November 2019

  • 09:34 p.m.
    Tonight the police arrested an 18-year-old in the investigation concerning threats against the University of Antwerp. In a report that had been spread through social media, someone threatened with an attack. Simultaneously, an investigation was conducted to identify the original sender. Around 7 p.m. the suspect's vehicle was intercepted at Linkeroever. The 18-year-old was arrested with no incidents. He will be interrogated this evening. After that, the investigating judge will decide on a possible detention for threatening an attack. The investigation into the facts continues as before. As far as the police are concerned, the classes can resume tomorrow. 
  • 04.45 p.m.
    All evening activities (classes, lectures,...) are suspended. The UAntwerp campuses are closing now. 

    Tomorrow, Tuesday 26 November 2019, all classes and activities will be resumed as planned.  

  • 04.30 p.m.: you can leave the campus
    It is permitted to leave the buildings on all UAntwerp campuses. The police asks not to hang around in and around the campuses.

  • 02.20 p.m.: stay inside 
    The police asks everyone in all University of Antwerp buildings: all campuses but NOT UZA, Antwerp Management School, Brantijser, Grauwzusters and Mutsaard to stay inside and to not circulate between the buildings, as long as no message to the contrary is posted on this page.

    People who are not yet on campus are asked not to come.

    Classes that are in progress at the moment continue as usual.

    Classes that have yet to start this afternoon will be suspended.

  • 02.00 p.m.: students should no longer come to Campus Drie Eiken this afternoon
    Due to the situation, the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences and Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences have cancelled all classes this afternoon. Students should therefore no longer come to Campus Drie Eiken this afternoon. Everyone who is already on campus must follow the guidelines of the police.

  • 01.40 p.m.: follow the instructions of the police
    On Campus Drie Eiken, everyone must follow the instructions of the police. Everyone is instructed to stay inside, but is allowed to move freely within the buildings. Anyone who is outside must go inside. We will consult further with the police.

  • 12.30 p.m.: ​Social media threat remains unconfirmed: no reason to panic
    On Monday morning, an unknown person launched a Snapchat message about an armed man willing to strike.

    The message does not mention the University of Antwerp, but it was sent to the university's helpdesk on behalf of an alleged medical student.

    The university immediately informed the police. According to the police, this is not an acute threat.

    The case will be investigated further as a matter of priority, but all lessons and other activities at the university will continue to take place.

    There is no reason to panic at the moment.

    The police are present at Campus Drie Eiken, with the main aim of reassuring everyone.

    Further information will follow as soon as possible via the channels of the University of Antwerp.

    If you have any questions, you can contact the crisis communication number of the University of Antwerp: 03 265 54 54.