Diversity Action Plan for Staff (DAP Staff): Diversity Through Inclusion

Why did the University of Antwerp decide to draw up a diversity action plan for staff?

Diversity is a structural feature of our modern society and of the metropolitan environment specifically. And the University of Antwerp sees the added value of diversity: it offers various insights and views that stimulate creativity within our institution. The University of Antwerp also wants to fulfil its corporate social responsibility commitment by creating an inclusive work environment for our 6,000-plus staff members

UAntwerp has already made considerable efforts in this respect, but is also determined to keep challenging itself and to remain self-critical. Creating more diversity and a greater focus on diversity is a permanent work in progress. The Diversity Action Plan for Staff (DAP Staff) is therefore not an end point, but a starting point for a continuous process of improvement. It is a dynamic plan that will be continuously followed up, evaluated and adjusted by the Diversity Action Plan for Staff steering committee

Together with the Strategic Action Plan Sustainable Gender Policy for Academic Personnel and the Action Plan Internationalization, the DAP Staff will provide the basis for the diversity policy for staff members of the University of Antwerp.

Six diversity topics

The DAP Staff explicitly addresses six diversity topics, while also paying attention to the interconnectedness of these different topics and trying to steer clear of a normative and stereotypical approach as much as possible.

Diversity topics:

-          Disability

-          Sexual orientation

-          Ideology

-          Ethnic-cultural diversity

-          Gender identity (M/F/X)*

-          Internationalization*

*These topics are included in the Strategic Action Plan Sustainable Gender Policy for Academic Personnel and the Action Plan Internationalization

Four strategic objectives

The Diversity Action Plan for Staff comprises various actions towards four strategic objectives. This action plan is merely the start of a dynamic process of improvement, we will keep adjusting and adding actions towards our four objectives:

-          The University of Antwerp develops a diversity culture and creates a positive working atmosphere and organisational structure where diversity contributes to quality and innovation within our institution.

-          The University of Antwerp further develops its inclusive recruitment policy in which everyone’s talents are appreciated

-          The University of Antwerp applies an inclusive career development policy aiming at greater diversity

-          The University of Antwerp invests in qualitative and quantitative monitoring in order to stimulate a diverse organisation

In the job section of the UAntwerp website you can find out more about our HR policy and what the university offers her employees. https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/jobs/

The complete ‘DAP Staff’ policy paper can be consulted below (PDF). Please contact diversiteit@uantwerpen.be for specific questions or to learn more about the concrete actions that the university is taking.