Since 2008, the University of Antwerp has been actively fulfilling its social responsibility commitment by creating a more inclusive organization with equal opportunities for all its students and staff. On the topic of gender, UAntwerp prepared two extensive reports. The strategic action plan 'Sustainable Gender Policy for Academic Staff' (2014) and 'Gender at the University of Antwerp: report on current situation' (2018). In the past, the University of Antwerp mainly put the emphasis in its gender policy on removing the underrepresentation of women within the highest ranks of academic careers.

At present, our gender policy is part of the broader set of policies related to diversity and inclusion. We no longer apply a binary approach to gender, but look more broadly at gender identity (F/M/X). The more recent Diversity Action Plan for staff (2021) also indicates the direction in which UAntwerp plans to take its diversity and gender actions.

The report ‘Gender at the University of Antwerp: Data report January 2022’ gives an overview of the gender distribution for academic staff and describes the path taken towards greater gender equality. In addition, this analysis indicates bottlenecks for the future diversity policy to focus on.

The Gender Equality Plan offers a summary overview of the actions that directly or indirectly affect gender equality at our institution.