Measures for improving the balance between work and family life

Representation of men and women in policy-making and advisory bodies

The Board of Directors has harmonised the university's internal rules with the Flemish Parliament Act amending the University of Antwerp's management structure.Implementation of the Special Flemish Parliament Act.

Specific measures UAntwerpen staff (after login):

Information sessions organised with the Antwerp Doctoral School

The Equal Opportunities unit organises interactive group sessions for PhD students in collaboration with the Antwerp Doctoral School. The aim is to provide participants with realistic information about academic careers, in view of the fact that the number of women in academia decreases significantly after doctoral level despite there generally being more female students than male students (56% vs. 44%). At post-doc level, the number of women decreases even further to 39.52%. Then, during the transition from post-doctoral researcher to lecturer, the share of women drops again to just 30%. The group session aims to support both female and male researchers in making informed career choices. The sessions are based on testimonials given by individuals with a range of profiles: two academics and two alumni with PhDs share their experiences and explain their choices. In this way, PhD students can gain an insight into the particularities of their working contexts and get some tips on developing a career at the university or in the private sector.