As an actively pluralistic institute the University of Antwerp attaches great importance to diversity. We want to be an inclusive community where all students and personnel feel at home, despite his, her, or their sexual orientation or gender identity. Any form of discrimination can and may not be tolerated.

The University of Antwerp wants to commit to this approach in a variety of ways:

More information​

If you would like more information on gender or gender identity, feel free to browse the websites of Kenniscentrum Rosa and the Transgender Infopunt (TIP) (in Dutch). These websites also contain information on support groups, healthcare, and trans rights. Information in English can be found through Stonewall and Gender Spectrum.

The Flemish Government, together with çavaria, has published an English-language brochure titled 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Transgender People' and "Everything you always wanted to know about LGB's", with basic information for anyone interested in this topic.