​The terms in bold are explained in the LGBTQ+ Glossary

On May, 17 it is IDAHOT, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Worldwide every year activities take place to draw attention to the rights and wellbeing of LGB, transgender and intersex people.

Since 2019 the University of Antwerp displays the rainbow flag to express solidarity in a symbolic way to the LGBTQ+ community and to make known that everyone at the University of Antwerp should be able to be their authentic selves despite her, his or their gender identity or sexual orientation.

rainbow flag

2021 Positive communication? Gender-aware and gender-inclusive!

This year, we're taking the opportunity to raise awareness about gender-inclusive communication. How positive is your communication? Is it gender-aware and gender-inclusive?

Team Diversity - IDAHOBIT 2021

Start using gender-inclusive language today, and take a look at our five information sheets to get inspired.​

You'll find that even languages like Dutch and English, which may seem dominated by a strict gender binary, are relatively easy to adapt. Every living language evolves over time. Join the evolution!

Three lectures: 

- Methodological challenges in measuring gender diversity in quantitative research.

- De x in m/v/x: waarom gender ons allemaal aangaat (Dutch)

- Genderinclusief taalgebruik (Dutch)

Poem: 'Gewichtigheid'

The poem by our campus poet Esohe Weyden was hung in the libraries of UAntwerp where everyone was invited to share their message.

Posters were hung on the toilet doors with the slogan "Whatever: Just wash your hands".

Separate bathrooms for men and for women can be found in public places almost everywhere, including at our university. Seems only normal, right? If you're cisgender (i.e. if your gender identity is the same as the sex you were assigned at birth), you’ve probably never thought about. However, for transgender and non-binary people, choosing a bathroom can be a challenge, or even unsafe. Which one do you pick if you identify as neither male nor female? And if you're a transgender person who is currently transitioning, you can only hope you won't get any dirty looks when visiting the bathroom today. In gender-inclusive bathrooms, there is no binary segregation based on gender, and everyone can use the same bathroom safely. Until this is a reality everywhere, it's important that we don’t judge others when it comes to choosing a bathroom. IDAHOBIT is the perfect occasion to stress this: the bathrooms at our university are for everyone. Because that, too, is inclusive communication.

IDAHOT 2020: Campagne PAARS

The University of Antwerp also supports the campagne PAARS. This is a campaign of the Flemish secondary and higher education establishments to promote tolerance and respect for LGBTQ+ youngsters. Purple is a color from the rainbow flag that symbolizes strength and courage (‘Spirit’). Courage and strength are needed to say that everyone can be themselves and feel absolutely safe.


A word from our rector

UAntwerp support IDAHOT and campagne PAARS

Antwerp Pride

Since 2018 the University of Antwerp takes part in the Antwerp Pride with a personalized truck and live DJ set

Antwerp Pride

Met UAntwerpen sfeermaker dj-set op de feestwagen


Every day we send out e-mails and resort to the most common pronouns. With every e-mail we make an assumption. Sometimes it is right but sometimes it isn’t. There are people with gender neutral names, but also people who do not identify with both the male nor female gender. That is what we call people with a non-binary gender identity. In the latter people can prefer you address them with gender neutral pronouns like they/them/their.

By adding our pronouns in our signature, we communicate how we would like to be addressed.

    she her hers
  • bv. 
  • they them their
  • bv. 

More information on what you can do yourself? Please follow the link