There are different networks and initiatives, within or attached to the university, who engage on the topic of LGBTQ+. These networks and initiatives have their own objectives and complement each other.

Do you wish to learn more on these different networks and initiatives and find out in which way you can participate? Or do you want to know how you can stay on top of their activities? Please take a look:

  • LGBTQ+ network: The LGBTQ+ network consists of personnel as well as students, LGBTQ+ persons as well as ‘straight allies’. This network stands for the realization of a bottum-up policy, the development of actions and the sensitization on LGBTQ+.
  • A* Network: The Antwerp Gender and Sexuality Studies Network aims to bring together and make visible the research and expertise on gender and sexuality at the University of Antwerp.
  • LGBTQ+-Forum: The LGBTQ+-Forum is a network of researchers and employees from different civil society organizations engaged in sexual and gender diversity.
  • De Flamingo's: The Flamingo’s is the only LGTQ+ student club of the city of Antwerp.

LGBTQ+ network

Do you believe that our university can engage more in becoming more inclusive?
Do you have ideas to put gender and sexual diversity even more on the map?
Do you feel like taking (a small or a big) part in the development of a LGBTQ+ network at our university?

The LGBTQ+ network is a vibrant network of staff as well as students, LGBTQ+ persons as well as ‘straight allies’ that stands for bottom-up policy making, the development and support in certain actions and the sensitization on LGBTQ+. The focus is not only research.

The network had a first meeting in April 2019 and gathers 2 to 3 times in a year.

Do you want to stay ahead on our activities or do you want to participate?
Please let us know by sending an e-mail to
We hope to see you soon!

External associations

  • Het Roze huis: Het Roze Huis–çavaria Antwerp is an umbrella organization for LGBTQ+ associations operating in the province of Antwerp. Here you can find an overview of all the Antwerp associations associated with het Roze Huis.
  • çavaria: In Flanders and Brussels the are more than 125 associations for LGBTQ+ persons. Here you can find an overview of all these associations.