The University of Antwerp wants to be an institute where all students and personnel can feel at home and be who they are.

Each and every form of discrimination can and may not be tolerated. We encourage you to report every form of discrimination, bullying, etc. For personnel as well as for students there are various facilities you can address.

Even if you have doubts about your gender identity or sexual orientation, if you experience personal difficulties or if you would like to be addressed with another first name, in all these cases there are possibilities.

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As a student

Do you have to deal with bullying or discrimination?

If you have the feeling that you have to deal with a certain form of bullying or discrimination, you can report this to the Service for Study Advice and Student Counselling.

Having doubts on your gender identity?

If you have doubts on your identity or if you experience other personal problems, you can address the Service for Study Advice and Student Counselling and ask for a personal meeting.

Do you wish to choose a first name that really fits you?

Even before the official change of your first name, you can choose to use a first name of your choice in all non-official documents and communication.To make this happen, you have to ask for a transgender pass at your Transgender Info Point. You can ask the Helpdesk of your Education Administration to use your name of preference and to pass on a scan of your pass.

Based on the information on your pass, we can put down your new name in SisA to make sure your new name is visible in SisA, in the student portal, the Blackboard learning environment and in your UAntwerp e-mail address.

Attention! As long as your name has not been adjusted in the National Register, all official documents that come from SisA such as a study certificate and any other kind of attestation or certificate will still hold your official name. Neither the name on your student card can be adapted. However, here you can choose to send us a new photo.

In order to avoid confusion, the responsible student administration of your faculty will be informed.

Official change of name or gender?

If you want to officially change your name or gender in the personal data in SisA, you can send the necessary documents through the helpdesk. It concerns the new identity card and a document from the municipality bearing the old and the new data. This will be subsequently adapted in SisA.

If you are also registered with human resources (e.g. as a doctoral student), they also will have to adjust your name and gender.

A bachelor or master thesis on LGBTQ+?

Be sure to check the list of members of A* (the Antwerp Gender and Sexuality Studies Network). Maybe you can find a promotor affiliated with your programme.

As staff

Do you have to deal with discrimination?

Your supervisor is the first person you can consult in case of difficulties at work.

If this isn’t possible at your department or if this is not the way you prefer it, as an employee at the University of Antwerp you can address one of the reception facilities:

  • Counselors
  • Organisational doctors and psychologists. (=prevention advisor psychosocial aspects)

You can also address your questions to the department manager of the internal Prevention Service.

More details on Pintra.

Choosing a first name and title that really fits you?

You can choose to use a first name and pronoun by choice in all non-official documents and communication, even if this is not (yet) your official first name. In the latter your first name by choice will be registered as a given name and will be used in all communication: e-mailaddress, website, non-official letters, … You will also be given the possibility to choose your own pronoun.

To make this happen you can contact your HR officer at the HR Department. You can find their contact details on Pintra.

Official change of name or gender?

If your official name or gender have been adapted, it is best that this is updated as soon as possible in the personnel data in Peoplesoft.

To make this happen you can contact your HR officer at the HR Department. You can find their contact details on Pintra.