Webinar: the battle against racism

29th of April 2021, from 19:00 CET

This lecture will take place in English.

As an actively pluralistic higher education institution, the University of Antwerp acknowledges diversity as an integral part of our society and our university. We strive to create an inclusive environment where all students and staff feel welcomed, regardless of his, her or their ethnic identity. Any form of discrimination and racism is reprehensible and strongly condemned by our university.

The battle against racism is our joint responsibility. Therefore we invite you, students, staff and others who are interested, to engage is this joint purpose with this webinar organized by Team Diversity (University and Community Department).

Lieven Miguel Kandolo is an Intercultural Professional, Opinion Maker and Writer. He is also co-chairperson of “Side by Side against Racism”. He has recently released a book named “Yaya na Leki” (Big brother and little brother), together with Moussa Don Pandzou. During this webinar, Lieven will share his own experiences, growing up in Belgium with colonial roots. How do you fight the collective yet sometimes lonely battle for equality? What battles do you pick? What do you sacrifice in return? And what war is raging inside of you in the meantime?"

Andrea Curtis, a Law with Human Rights Student, is a young woman passionate about social justice and removing the barriers that hinder the development of black people. She currently holds the position of Black Community Officer at the University of Essex, working together to provide and attend to the specific needs of black students. Andrea will be speaking about unconscious bias and white saviourism and the affects it has on race relations past and present. Exploring the unspoken element of racism that is so prevalent in attitudes of all society, she hopes to challenge everybody's perspectives on racism.

This lecture is intended for those who wish to better understand the current struggle for decolonization and the battle against racism.

Racism is our problem. Let’s get to work.

This webinar is for free, but you need to sign up here.