The Antwerp Management School (AMS) is the University of Antwerp's autonomous management school.

The Antwerp Management School was founded in 1959 as the "Instituut voor Postuniversitair Onderwijs" (Institute for Post-University Education) and was the most prestigious management training school of its day. The institute trained high-level managers who have gone on to occupy positions in large companies and organisations, and who have therefore had a significant influence on the development of Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium and beyond.

Over time, the Antwerp Management School developed into a fully fledged business school and began to play a prominent international role. It prepares future managers and leaders for key positions in the global business community and stimulates world citizenship, leadership and professioalism. The emphasis is on sustainability, and this has led to the creation of projects such as the Antwerp Management School Fund for Sustainable and Innovative Entrepreneurship. The fund's aim is to further develop entrepreneurial talent in the global South.