The Antwerp University Association is the result of a structural partnership set up among four higher education institutions in Antwerp:

  • the University of Antwerp
  • Artesis Plantijn University College
  • Antwerp Maritime Academy
  • Karel de Grote University College

The Antwerp University Association (AUHA) aims to build expertise and share knowledge in education, research, services and student facilities.

The Education working group develops educational initiatives and organises an education day every two years.
The association recognises previously acquired competences (EVC).
Another branch of the association is ELAnt (expertise network for teacher training in Antwerp, ). 
The online Blackboard learning environment is also a product of the educational partnership.

Within the association, the emphasis currently lies on 'academicising' the university colleges' academic programmes.

The expertise unit for science communication is also a branch of the association. In addition, the association also encourages collaboration for research purposes and tackles valorisation cooperatively using the Interface service.

Together, the association's institutions offer a wide range of services, including "Tutoraat" and "Klimop", to graduates of secondary education. The Internationalisation departments and the libraries confer with each other in consultation groups.

The association also provides a forum for taking a shared approach to student services ( such as student housing, student jobs, study funding, mobility, culture and sport. Students also have a student council at association level, known as ASRA.

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Antwerp University Association
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