The Art on Campus Commission introduced its active arts policy several years ago. Today, the collection comprises about 1,100 paintings, sculptures and other forms of contemporary art. Masterpieces by Sam Dillemans and Fred Bervoets grace the walls of the Stadscampus buildings while sculptures by Yvan Theys and Jean Bilquin repose in the grounds of the university's other campuses. Art is everywhere at the University of Antwerp.

A heart for art

The Art on Campus Commission wishes to raise awareness of the visual arts among the university community and especially among students. The commission's main task is to acquire high-quality works of art and make them accessible. It is also responsible for making sure these works of art are displayed appropriately, taking staff sensibilities and working environments into account.

According to Ernest Van Buynder, the commission's chair, the presence of art has helped prevent vandalism on the University of Antwerp's campuses. “Art subconsciously induces respect for one's environment. That's why we chose to put our paintings and sculptures on display around our staff members and students, rather than exhibiting them in a separate museum or gallery. Because art is like science: they are both groundbreaking."

Discovering art

Thanks to the Antwerp city guides, visitors can now also take guided art tours of the Stadscampus, Campus Drie Eiken and Campus Middelheim. These tours are unique: discover art in an academic environment while you enjoy a pleasant walk and amazing architecture.


Beheer Kunst op de Campus
+32 3 265 47 12
Stadscampus - Prinses16, S.Ps16.303
Prinsesstraat 16
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium